Educational Programs

Seminars for High Schools and High Yeshivas and Seminars in the Community

The Yeshiva Rabbis give seminars on actual and educational issues, which occupy the world of both the youth and Yeshiva boys. Also, from time to time, there are seminars in the various community synagogues all over the country. The Rabbis give stimulating lessons to the community in these seminars.


Seminars for the Rabbis

For quite a while the Yeshiva has been holding seminars for the Rabbis, educators and teachers. These seminars are dedicated to clarifying public and spiritual issues, which are connected to present issues that are of interest to our generation. During these seminars the participants receive from the Rabbis the profound spiritual point of view on the various issues raised by the public. From this point of view the Rabbi can look into and find the best way to build and add light to the education and achievement of all that is being done. Rabbis from the cities, Rabbis from the settlements and communities Rabbis from Yeshivot Hesder and Rabbis from high school Yeshivot participate in these seminars.


Activities in the High Schools in Tel-Aviv

Some of the pupils of Rav Tsvi Tau, Rav Yehoshua Tsukerman and Rav Oded Volanksy, founded a organization which engages in teaching values and Judaism. This organization is responsible for founding various projects, which have given a great  contribution to education and achievements. For example a High-school Midrasha, which after strenuous efforts, was privileged to gain access to some of the best public schools in Tel-Aviv and other cities all over the country. This attributed to the continuous contact and conversation on education and Judaism morals with the youth and their families. Another projects from thish organization  is the system of lessons and talks to the soldiers.


Contact with the Kibbutz  on Yom Kippur and during the Year

Every year, approximately one hundred Yeshiva boys travel to non-religious kibbutzim and settlements all over the country to have minyan and give them the opportunity to pray in minyan and have a fruitful meeting and conversation with the Yeshiva boys. On Erev Yom Kippur many buses leave the Yeshiva taking about one hundred Yeshiv boys, who travel to numerous groups all over the country, from the  North to the  South and from the East to the West. Sometimes a special connection evolves from these meetings, with a part of the settlement and kibbutzim, , a connection which is reflected by meetings during the year, before the Hagim and lessons given by those pupils in the various kibbutzim and settlements.


Sabbatical for the Heads of Yeshivot and Mechinot

Many Rabbis who are Heads of Yeshivot and Mechinot take their "Sabbatical Year" in Jerusalem at Yeshivat Har Hamor and take lessons there like the regular pupils. The Rabbis feel the need for spiritual and educational replenishment and find an answer to this need at the Yeshiva.


Enriching Plan for Teachers in Talmud Torah and Elementary Schools, given by the Yeshiva Rabbis

Once every two weeks approximately one hundred pupils from all over the country come to listen to lessons on the subject of education from Rav Oded Volansky and Rav Yaacov Levanon. These lessons are according to the educational vision of Rav Tzvi Yehuda Cook זצ"ל  and are organized by Talmud Torah from the settlement Eli.


Social Involvement

Although the Yeshiva's principal interest is Torah, many of the Yeshiva boys find the right amount of time, to volunteer and contribute to the elderly and weak people in the community.They do this from the great love they feel for Israel and the feeling of mutual responsibility. These strong feelings are assimilated in the pupils by the educational way of the Yeshiva.

Throughout the entire year and especially towards Shabat and Hagim, the Yeshiva boys attend a variety of "activities" such as: Blood donations as part of "Zichron Menachem" every three months, donations of thrombocytes for cancer patients in Hadassah hospital, by two boys every week, minyan for Shabat on a regular basis at the old age home in Kiryat Yovel, Kabalat Shabat with the handicapped and challenged in "Kfar Shvedi" by a group of boys from the Yeshiva every "Shabat Mevarchim", collecting food and giving it to Ezer Mezion and the children of "Zichron Menachem", and this is only a partial list of examples of social involvement.


The "Ma'ayanot" Hevruta Project

Yeshiva boys for the Yeshiva have started a movement called "Ma'ayanot", with the aspiration to have an impact and influence the boys of the neighborhood. This movement is still in its founding stages however already ten hevrutot of yeshiva boys and people from the neighborhood already exist. Some of these people are Baal Teshuva and converts. For approximately six months Rav Shlomo Bauer gave lessons to the alumni of Yeshivat Hesder in the neighborhood and we hope to increase the activities.