Activities and Projects

Settling the Country

A significant number of agricultural and community settlements all over the country, such as Naveh, Bnei Netsarim, Shomria, Migron and Shlomit, are deeply connected to the Yeshiva and its Rabbis. The Yeshiva alumni are partners in their foundation and take active part in the development of many settlements. The Yeshiva Rabbis are turned to for answers to any question regarding mitzvahs, advice and guidance in all that is necessary during the formation of the new community settlement.

The Strong Bond with the IDF

Military Service

The boys from Har Hamor Yeshiva regard their service in the army as a mitzvah and privilege. During their stay at the Yeshiva most of them see it as a privilege to wear army uniform and contribute to the various army units: Airforce, infantry, armored division, military rabbinate and artillery units. Those who by character are found suitable to the army continue to become officers in  different commanding positions in the army. Major Dagan Vertman הי"ד, who fell in "Oferet Yetsukah", was part of  the "studying period", which is recognized  by the army and which he chose to do at Har Hamor Yeshiva.


Lessons and Guidance to officers in the army from Company commander to Brigade commander.

Many security personnel regard the Yeshiva Rabbis as a beacon, which fills them spiritually before going out to battle. Therefore high ranked officers regularly come to the Yeshiva Rabbis in Jerusalem. They sit with them, seeking consultation and guidance and receive from them lessons, which help them maintain a high level of faith and belief in their military mission, while performing what is demanded from them.


Immigration Absorption

Har Hamor Yeshiva regards itself as having an obligation to take an active part in the ingathering of the exiles, which is taking place in our generation. The Yeshiva Rabbis and the alumni do all possible to strengthen our brethren Jews who are in exile and bring them to Israel. The spiritual guidance, which is given by the Yeshiva Rabbis to those in exile (Russia, France, Belgium…), contributes immensely to the success of their integration into the Israeli society when eventually בע"ה they will immigrate. A living example to this is Rav Yehoshua Tsukerman, who engages in helping Jews from France to immigrate, gives them regular lessons in French and assists them in their integration into work places in Israel.


The Friday Plan in Har Hamor Yeshiva

"A Friday Plan" exists at the Yeshiva. This plan is intended for American pupils who come to Israel for a year. A group of approximately 40 pupils comes to the Yeshiva every Friday and they take part in a program, which includes learning in groups with the older Yeshiva boys.


Educational and Outreach Plans

The prolonged in-depth studies of Halacha and Faith undoubtedly show a positive and influential outcome in the education and society in the country. It is only natural that the Yeshiva finds itself as an educational leverage and a friendly environment to educational personnel who are at the front of the educational system.  The Yeshiva pupils and alumni are aware of the importance of the investment in this field, all over the country and to all parts of the population. This leads them to willingly take upon themselves the blessing of  educating to Torah  and granting Jewish and Zionist morals not only all over the country but also abroad.

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